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Главная » 2011 » Май » 20 » ~ Izzy's songs ~
~ Izzy's songs ~
9:50 AM
"Bloodshot Eyes"

I look inside, into your eyes
I blame myself for all your lies (and it's no surprise)
it's not what we wanted to be, and now it's clear to me
(Game over! Start over!)-1-2-3 I'm out!
We did exactly what we thought we'd never say,
We broke the bond of Love, nothin will be the same! No not inside my mind, No not inside my mind!
You said 'I love you' twice, and then you said goodbye!!

You look into my Bloodshot Eyes
I ask myself are we alive? Or will we Die?!..
Red Light Tango

Sing me a lullaby to put me to sleep...
So that I wake up happy and we don't have to be, a witness to anger over all the little things
The Red Light Tango on our driveway all over again...

My words are actions, leave us both breathless.
She was not bothered, but I got reckless!
I just don't notice what I've done,
And this is where the story comes undone...
3 Hour Romance
(Zoey Love)

C'mon papi, show me your game, your the man, your style, and I heard about your Fame!
Think about how ya drive them insane, but ya know I gotta see it for myself man!
We in the club, show me how you work. On the spot, make that chick hot! minute man you bein timed on the clock...tik tik Damn, that's all you got??
Zoey Love, look at when I pop! I need a clock breaker that just won't stop! Make me sweat, Make love on a yacht! When we get done, I'm just gettin warmed up! you just a minute man, too pumped up. lying to these chicks and these girls straight up, now I'm in ya grill and your gettin dissed up. ya lost ya chance. Keep your 3 Hour Romance!

I'll be your 3 Hour club Romance
I wanna be your quick with it man
Yes I'm your 3 Hour love Romance
I'm exactly what ya need, part-time gentleman!
She's the type of freak that loves to dance!
She don't even need a Fucking ring on her hand!
We need a 3 Hour -- Romance
Cuz We about to take this home
Girl don't miss your chance!...

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